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We took the 3 year old to see How to Train Your Dragon yesterday. He was a little scared at first. We got there a little late, so the theater was dark and the previews were already playing. There were a TON of people there (I was very surprised, especially since the movie has been out for a while), and it was his first movie. In between the previews and the movie he tells me, "I want to go home!" Luckily, he warmed up and really enjoyed the movie. We really enjoyed the movie, too. It was very cute. We're hoping to take him to the next Shrek movie.

I watched the movie Tron last night. I haven't seen that movie in probably over 20 years. And there is a very good reason for it. Good corndog that movie is NOT very good. I had to watch it, though, so I know what's going on when the new one comes out. I really, really hope the new one is better!

Received another rejection today, but I was expecting this one. I sent an inquiry to find out the status of my partial, and she sent back a rejection. It is such a Catch-22 when it comes to queries. I know that the agents are busy, but if you don't give them a nudge, you might never hear from them. One of my friends has a partial with an agent, and he's had it for a year! A year! How does it take a year to read 30-50 pages? But then when you do nudge them, you annoy them, so they reject you outright. I'm getting really tired of this game. I'll update you tomorrow on the numbers.