Sunday, March 21, 2010

I watched a movie called the "Mutant Chronicles" last night. Visually, it was a very intriguing film. It reminded me a lot of a comic book with muted colors and then reds that stand out against the background. I really liked the social commentary in the film, too. There was also some steam punk, which I think is fascinating, though probably not very economical/environmentally friendly. The story could have been interesting, but the characters seemed a little flat and very stereotypical. I was also a little confused about the end, but I think the intention was to leave it open for a sequel, which I doubt will be made. This film didn't get very good reviews.

I didn't know anything about the "Mutant Chronicles," so I Googled it. According to Wikipedia, it originally started out as a role playing game (RPG). I found that very interesting. The back story of the game was WAY more interesting than the back story of the movie, though probably a bit difficult to accomplish on film. If I was into RPGs, I would play this, but I don't have the time or the patience for those things! (I once had a friend try to set me up with a Dungeons and Dragons character, but the process took more than 15 minutes and there was a lot of dice rolling so I lost interest.)

I decided today that I am going to start a new novel. I'll probably do some short stories, too, but I need to get this book out of my head. It's one I started waaaaay back in high school, worked on it here and there, then when I was a graduate I work shopped it in a class. The teacher did not like/know how to grade fantasy, so she basically discouraged me from writing it. My confidence was shaken for a long time, but I've finally been able to get past her criticism and I'm ready to finish the book.

I received two requests for partials on the zombie novel last week. I was very excited. As usual, I will let you know how things turn out.

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