Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I had every intention of getting some writing done yesterday, but my boys had different plans. I swear they have little radars in their heads that go off when you have an inkling to be by yourself. They can't allow that. If they aren't the center of your attention, they'll make sure they do everything in their power to change that. Children are so special like that. I'm hoping to get started tonight, but we'll have to see. Wait, I should be OK, there's nothing on TV I want to watch! Phew!

I decided to see if the magazine is actually going to come out in October, so I pulled my submissions from the other magazines. I'm not really losing anything either way. If it doesn't come out, I'll submit it elsewhere. There's no rush on getting this story out, so I can take my time.

I received another request for a partial yesterday. I'm very excited about all these requests, but I'll be even more excited when/if it turns into a contract. Here's to hoping...

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