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Don't you just hate those days/weeks when it seems like everything just comes crashing down? The end of this week was one of those. While I wasn't directly affected, my friends/family were. The first incident occurred when my friend emailed me to let me know the agent had rejected her story. It was horrible because this was the agent who LOVED her writing and REALLY wanted to take her on. She sent the manuscript to the more seasoned agents, and they turned it down. It was really disheartening. I thought for sure this was going to be the one.

Then, another friend of mine had some major issues at work. I mean a HUGE fight with the boss. They almost walked out, but family obligations and bills kept them there.

Recently, my in-laws dog was diagnosed with arthritis in her back. She's 10 so it's not really surprising, but it's still difficult. She has these attacks where her back arches up and she can't lay down. She whimpers cause she is in so much pain. They talked to the vet, and there is one more thing they are going to try, but if that doesn't work, they'll have to think about putting her down. As you can imagine, my in-laws are just devastated.

Even though I'm not directly affected by any of these happenings, I still hate to see my friends/family sad. I feel so helpless, but I also know that they have to work through these issues on their own. The most I can do is be there if they need me. *Sigh*

On the writing front, I have not had a chance to get anything done. It's been a pretty crazy week. Hopefully I can restart this weekend, but who knows! We'll see what the boys have planned...