Friday, October 30, 2009

A friend told me the other day that they don't really like to read my blog because it's repetitive and all I talk about is rejections. I took her comment under advisement (thank you, Betty), and I decided to try and liven things up. Along with my normal rantings of doom and gloom, I am going to post my random thoughts of the day. Here is my first one:

I've never really gotten fashion, so maybe I'm missing the point, but why would someone wear a skirt AND pants?


Betty said...

I think you can still do doom and gloom, possibly doom and gloom about a fashion - it would be a great 'fit'!

tlinse said...

Because, like tequila, it seemed like a good idea at the time. hehe

Ladyluck said...

Simultaneously wearing pants and skirts is just one more way for the fashion industry to get their hooks into my wallet (via my three elementary age daughters, of course.)

Doom and gloom is good. There are plenty of generic "day in the life" blogs...take mine for instance.