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It's been a month, and I'm still out on medical leave, but I thought I would update you on recent events. I have nothing exciting to say about myself; I have a couple of submissions that I am waiting for a response on, but I haven't been working on anything new. I would like to promote a friend of mine, though.

Her name is Jessica Robinson, and her focus is mainly on nonfiction. She writes for an agricultural journal (Western Farmer-Stockman), but her passion lies in writing about horror films. She has a Master's Degree in English and wrote her thesis on the Friday the 13th films. She has tried to get several articles published, but no one is interested in reading about slasher films anymore. Maybe that will change now that the Friday the 13th remake is out.

Anyway, I digress. She has an article coming out in the next issue of Serial Killer Magazine. It focuses on how serial killers have influenced slasher films, especially The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. As soon as the mag is out, I will post a link.

I will also keep you informed on when I come back and if/when my stories are published.